Tae Kwon Do and Safety

Tae Kwon Do, like many sports requiring physical exertion, bears a strict set of rules and regulations designed to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participating athletes. As with any sport, and particularly in a sport designed to inflict physical damage or simulate the infliction of damage, accidents may occur when practicing and […]

Better Living through Martial Arts

Have you ever noticed when a high-level Master walks into the room, everyone knows it? Not because there are trumpets blaring and fanfare, but because of the aura around the individual, the quiet projection of power that is almost palpable. This is the most dramatic example of the personal improvement that is the hallmark of […]

Cool Martial Arts Disciplines

I admit it, I am a boring martial artist. I can’t do a flip. I do the old forms I learned twenty years ago that have been unchanged forever. I prefer my original black belt that is graying over my flashy one with stripes. I still think a good back fist to the head solves […]

“Don’t Block With Your Face, and Other Secrets”

Martial arts have for centuries hidden secrets inside themselves, in forms and esoteric techniques, and training that the uninitiated are impressed by but can not truly understand. Wisdom is one of the hallmarks of experience in the Arts, partially because our knowledge is earned over decades instead of found in a nano-second on the Internet. […]

Lessons from the Karate Kid

I took my first Tae Kwon Do Class in 1983 at the local Y. This was obviously before I had kids. Or a cell phone. This was pre-MTV. In fact, this was pre- Karate Kid! I had been going to class for about two months when the movie came out, and suddenly instead of the […]

Martial Arts Tournament Calendar

Tournaments are a good thing to train for in that they give a target deadline and allow you to benchmark against others as you progress, as well as a way to garner additional respect for your Master and your School by showing your skills.  Also, there is absolutely nothing as cool as going to watch […]